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Frolick through the Milky Way, sip Saturn smoothies, and pilot a cruiser for your own Plutonian day trip.
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Our tours are the best in the galaxy. You can't beat the view of Saturn's rings right next to Saturn's rings. Our rocket ships burn pure cotton candy fuel, and zip along at 3x the speed of light. Your travel will always smell delicious and be without delay!

Tour Packages

Mars 150 GC

Close to home, but it's hard to beat the awe-inspiring red planet. A perfect date night tour!

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Saturn 300 GC

Plan a day to leisurely enjoy the 360 tour of Saturn's rings, including a sunset dip before jetting home.

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Pluto 900 GC

Once kicked out of planetery designation, Pluto is back and better than ever! Visit the farthest planetary reaches on this weekend tour.

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